Rapid and flexible implementation of small
and large batch sizes: cable assembly

Link has decades of experience in the field of cable assembly and is able to ensure rapid implementation of the construction design according to your requirements in large or small series. Our portfolio offers a multitude of connections, from stranded hook-up wires and wires via multi-wired control and data cables and automotive wires up to flat ribbon cables. We manufacture all these products according to VDE regulations or in AWG sizes of the most varied UL specifications in PVC, Silicon, Teflon (PTFE), PUR or Radox. What is more, we also process a large number of most diverse connecting elements from various suppliers.

Profound know how and
fully automated manufacturing: stranded wire assembly

Stranded wire assembly takes place in Geisingen (Plant I). Stranded wires are electrical conductors consisting of thin single wires which are easy to bend. The single wires of the stranded wire are surrounded by a joint insulating cover and together form a stranded wire line. Several stranded wire lines in one cable are also called conductors. In the field of stranded wire assembly, we offer the process steps crimping, tinning and marking or printing. We use fully automated cable processing machines for these processes.


Lasting and trouble-free data
or energy connections: cable harnesses

Cable harnesses are used to bundle single lines transmitting signals or working current. The cables are combined according to the geometrical and electrical specifications in one cable bundle, for example by using cable ties, fabric tape, insulating tube or a corrugated pipe. This is how we reduce space and installation times, improve maintenance, increase efficiency, reduce emitted interferences and increase the product life cycle. We make exclusive use of fully automated machines for the crimping, tinning and marking or printing process steps.

Various connections for diverse sectors

  • Mechanical engineering and plant construction
  • Medical engineering
  • Electronics industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Renewable energies